Groups are set for this summer!

Our Groups semester will run for 6 weeks from June 14 - July 19th.

As we relaunch Groups for the Summer 2020 session, we have made some adjustments to keep you safe, but also ensure that you have access to Groups that will allow you to grow in your relationship with Christ.

This summer, we will offer both in-person and virtual groups. Here’s some things you need to know about both:

In-Person Groups will be once a week and will take place at Crossway Church. Groups will be limited to the number of participants depending on the meeting location. Safety protocol will include, but will not be limited to the following: social distancing, sanitization, limiting restroom use, no food/drink for anyone present, and required face masks. No childcare will be offered during any in-person group. If you have questions concerning the safety protocol or what to expect if you were to register for an in-person group, please email Bryan Tribble, Community Pastor at

Virtual Groups will take place once a week through the Zoom platform. Joining a virtual group gives you the freedom to join from wherever you are located, and also allows those that are immunocompromised or need to stay isolated due to specific needs the option to still have community. In order to participate in a virtual Group, you will need access to a computer or smart device as well as an internet/wifi connection. The majority of virtual groups will last around 40 minutes.

We pray that you will be able to be a part of our Groups semester this summer. If you have any questions about Groups, please feel free to email Bryan Tribble, Community pastor at or you can call the church office, Monday through Thursday, at 601-636-2596.


Gathering in groups creates an atmosphere that helps us grow in our understanding and application of God’s direction in our lives. At Crossway, we believe discipleship happens best in relationships, and those relationships are formed in small groups.


We understand that finding time to get away from the kids to focus on your own growth can be challenging. Childcare is provided at Crossway Church on Sunday mornings & Wednesday nights during group meeting times. But if your group meets off campus, and you need to pay for childcare yourself, we are happy to help!