Our intent is to make every effort to accommodate your request for Crossway's facility use. Please be aware that there may be instances beyond our control, when we may have to preempt your reservation due to a church-related event, such as a funeral, or other ministry occurrence. Thank you for your understanding.

Please Note that while Crossway makes every effort to maintain the campus grounds, we do not provide extensive property upkeep for the Pavilion and Amphitheater area. We do have a landscaping contractor who will provide excellent service if required. Their fee is $500 and will need to be booked 1 month in advance.

Terms of Use and Agreement

It is important to Crossway Church that we continue to maintain our facilities and we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  1. If using the Kitchen, please return it to the condition you found it.
  2. If using the Kitchen for several days, please clean up and store food properly.
  3. All cooking and warming units must be turned off before you leave.
  4. After your event, please wash all cooking and serving dishes/utensils.
  5. Unless arranged otherwise, remove all your food items at the conclusion of your event.
  6. Note that all non-Crossway events have a building usage fee. This fee will cover the cost of cleaning for your even and is usually a minimum of $100. Please contact the church office for more information regarding fee structure.